Schlagwort: Post Cyberpunk

Haqqislam Part VI: Hassassin Bahram – Daylami and Ghazi Muttawi’ah

The Marine Daylami is formed by militias recruited from the tribal provinces of Iram zhat Al Amad. The Daylami not receive formal military training because neither want nor need.
The Ghazi Muttawi’ah are low profile support troops performing surveillance tasks in covert operations until the moment of action, when they suddenly become fearless volunteers capable of engaging and taking down the most advanced and well equipped enemies. 

Haqqislam Part V. – Hassassin Bahram: Ragiks and Lasiqs

The Hassassin Ragiks are hardened blitzkrieg specialists, specialized in to perform airborne attacks, execute combat missions and above all, win the battle with courageous actions.

The Lasiqs are specialists in death at extremely long distances, they are the long, assassination arm of the Hassassin sect. Patience, acute eyesight, a firm pulse and an unbreakable faith in the objectives of the organization, are the qualities required to become a Lasiq.