„As it seems, all goes according to plan…!“

So, what is this blog going to be about?

While I already have some active threads running in several forums, due to my interests spreading into new areas the number and spread of these threads makes maintaining them all a bit cumbersome.

Thus there came the idea to gather all these projects – active or inactive – on one specific site for everybody to access properly and for me to maintain more easily instead of having to hop through several forums to do the same.

John Tenzer Inc. will be a hobby log, containing the process on the various measures of escapism, with a high percentage centered around the Tabletopgame/Wargame


  • INFINITY: The painting process of its miniatures. Also choosing, assembling and painting thematically appropriate terrain. And – of course –  playing the game now and then. This category is centered on my favourite Haqqislam Hassassin Bahram Project and (in a long term perspective, probably) ALEPH.


  • With the advent of the new Core Box Mk.II I bought a little bit into  Super Dungeon Explore. So I might as well have some fun painting its miniatures – whenever I go AWOL from Infinity.


  • X-WING: After about 1 and a half year struggling in the much advertised tournament scene I dropped out of it completely. Articles in this category will only include reports of cinematic/epic play (when I get the chance to do that) and some tinkering with the narrative event-tree campaign I wrote a while ago.

Warhamordes vinatge.jpg

  • Going Vintage: A classic chapter about models from my time within the 40k Imperium of Mankind (more specifically the Mk.3.5 Witchhunters) and a journey through the forests and hills of Western Immoren in PPs Warmachine/Hordes with the Circle Orboros, Trollbloods and a small Cygnar  warband.



  • GUNDAM: Yes, we will venture into the realms of wonderful, wonderful japanese plastic mecha construction Heaven. A couple of mobile suits from the series „Iron Blooded Orphans“, „Gundam Unicorn“ and „Chars Counterattack“ will be found here.

Beyond that there might be an entry pondering about other things, now and then. Not necessarily hobby-related. Things that come to my mind. Blog content, as you might expect.

Nevertheless, it has to be mentioned that this blog is going to be a tentative one!

Real life needs its share of attention too (and that a bigger one), sometimes there isn’t much to say, projects take longer or interests wander for a while.

To quote the Angel Islington: „Stuff! Happens!“ 😉

The blog will be attended to – mostly on a randomized Sundays evening schedule. The intention behind is to share experiences made and being able to discuss them, if people are willing, rather than to simply please the consumers.

That said, please feel encouraged to share your opinions about and in certain articles and contribute to it with active constructive criticism. The more active response there is the longer this rig will run.

Enjoy the ride and look forward to future contents in still anticipation of the things to come.

John Tenzer

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